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One of the most shared and simple tools that have been an essential device in our homes, offices, and cars is a screwdriver. “Screwdriver just as the name implies only means ‘a tool for driving screw”. In other words, it’s is an instrument that is used to turn screws with a slotted head. There are many different types of screwdrivers, and each type serves a specific purpose because of its shape and sizes. However, some people often misuse it for its actual purpose of driving crews. They use it to open a box, a paint tin and even use it to scrap rust all of which could easily damage the tool. Today, I‘ll be discussing the different types of a screwdrivers, and theirs functions.

The two major most commonly used screwdrivers are the flat tip screwdriver or standard and the Philips head screwdriver. Others include Pozidrive or Crosspoint, Hex, Robertson, and Torx. They all come in different sizes and shapes and are used for a variety of different purposes.

Firstly, let’s talk about “flat tip screwdriver.” This is the most commonly used screwdriver with a flat head, and it is used to screw a screw with flat straight slotted head. Fit the flat head of the screwdriver into the flat slot, hold firmly to avoid slipping away and turn. The difference between the flat head screwdriver and Phillip’s head screwdriver is the Phillips screwdriver has a cross shaped head.

Philip screwdriver comes in X shape form, and it is used to turn tools with a similar X shaped head when it is viewed from the top, its looks like a cross. This Philip screwdriver can twist faster than the flat screwdriver when the operator applies force when turning. It sizes ranges from 1 – 14, bigger in sizes, and widely used for industrial applications. If you want to see the size on a high-quality Philips screwdriver on the market, look at the head of the screw, there are numbers engraved on it, to signify the size of the screw. The Philips screwdriver was developed by an American company who also developed the pozdrive, and posdrive designed to improve on the standard Philips screwdriver and make it safer to use. There was a reduction on the angles in the drive to close the contact between the drive and the tip. This prevents the driver from slipping out of the drive screw.

Torx is another different drive that has six pointed starts, but the points are rounded off. Torx doesn’t use angle, but it provides excellent contact between the large contact area of the screw and its driver. Though, it has a shallow drive in the screw, it tightens to high torque.

Hex drive, as is name implies, “hexagon drive” has six even straight sides used to fasten bolts unlike the other drives that fastening screws, and it is utilized mainly in the furniture industry. However, in the electronic industry, Tri-wing, which is a similar screwdriver to the Philips but with a three recessive form, these screws are used to prevent users from tampering with their product. It is an expensive driver and is not common in the market but tightens to a very high torque.

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